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    One Whole Year of Marriage

    Yesterday marked one whole year of marriage for me and my husband. I cannot believe that a whole year has passed since the day we stood in front of our friends, family, and God and promised to always put each other first. We promised to love and respect each other and to always point each other towards God.

    These are heavy promises and not ones that one should take lightly. I don’t believe that either of us has but can I say that we have always done this throughout our marriage? Of course not.

    This past year has been hard, beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. I am nowhere near the same person today as I was last year when I promised forever to my best friend. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

    There have been many changes and challenges over the course of a year, but none that I would ever wish didn’t happen because they brought us so much closer. We have learned what it means to truly means what it means to put each other’s needs over our own and just how hard that really is.

    I love my husband now even more than I did on the day I married him, even though I didn’t think that was possible then. I love watching him grow in his faith. I love watching him learn more and more what it means to be a husband and putting that into practice. I am so proud of who he has become and I cannot wait to see how much more he grows in the years to come.

    Marriage is hard, yes, but oh so beautiful. It’s fighting through the challenges together to show one another that this love is worth it. At the end of the day, no matter how hard marriage gets, it will always one hundred percent be worth it to get to spend each day experiencing life with the best friend I’ll ever have.

    Happy Anniversary Tommy, I love you!

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    How Netflix Was Ruining My Marriage

    So I should start this off by saying Netflix is my favorite. I hate admitting it but watching TV is one of my favorite pastimes. I love just zoning out after a long hard day. There are also so many great TV shows on Netflix right now too so that doesn’t help at all.

    Tommy and I started watching Netflix together when we were dating. We would watch it every once in a while and it was really fun to have something we did only together. Once we got engaged, I enjoyed watching shows with him even more because our days were so stressful and full of planning. Turning on the TV after a long day felt like the perfect way to unwind.

    Now that we are married, we have seemed to have carried this habit right into our married life. And it has been detrimental to our marriage. I realized the other day that we don’t really sit and talk in-depth about our days as much as we used to when we were dating. Don’t get me wrong, we still talk, and a lot at that. But we don’t sit down and spend hours just talking like we used to.

    We also used to find things to do together more than we do now. When we were dating, we would first try to find something to do like hiking or going out for ice cream. Now it seems we turn to Netflix first.

    Now that the weather’s warming up, I decided to take a break from binge watching shows with my husband. I want to go out and explore with him instead. I want to exercise with him and stay healthy. I want to get to know him more. I don’t want to get lazy now that we’re married.

    I want him to know that I still love him and still love doing things with him.

    Some Things I Plan On Doing Instead Of Watching Netflix

    • Going to the gym
    • Going on a hike
    • Going out for ice cream/frozen yogurt
    • Going to the movies
    • Taking a walk

    Does anyone else struggle with this?
    (Please tell me I’m not alone!)
    What are some other ideas I can do with my husband?


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    What’s Up Wednesday: April 2017

    This is my fourth What’s Up Wednesday post in a row! I haven’t missed one yet this year and I am loving that. I love looking back over the month and recapping it. It always puts where we are into perspective. Below are the questions that we answer every month:

    What we’re eating this week:

    Funny you ask because next on my to-do list is to make a meal plan for our last week in our apartment. So honestly I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be eating but I plan to eat mostly Paleo this week because we have been eating horribly for the last month or so and it’s really effecting both my husband and I. We could really use a good reset.


    What I’m reminiscing about:

    Our wedding! We got married May 22, 2016 and I’ve been thinking a lot about how it’s almost May and how much that reminds me of this time last year when it was all things wedding related. I’m sad our first year of marriage is coming to a close! But I love looking back on this day – I’m so happy I got to marry my best friend.


    What I’m loving:

    Shown first on Instagram

    My relationship with God feels so refreshed right now and I’m loving that so much. I’m looking forward to quiet times with God and am getting more into taking notes in my Bible too. I took notes at church for the first time and I really loved it. I never thought that I would like taking notes while listening to a sermon so it was a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait to continue with it.

    I’m also feeling refreshing with my blog too. I changed my posting schedule and am starting a Bible Study in May and I’m really excited about both.


    What we’ve been up to:

    We took a trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun. My husband, mom, cousin, brother and his girlfriend spent a week with my grandparents. We had such a great time catching up with them and exploring the area. (They live about an hour from Orlando.)


    What I’m dreading:

    What our bedroom currently looks like.

    Moving out of our first apartment we shared together. 🙁 I’m slowly coming to terms with this but I am definitely not looking forward to it.


    What I’m working on:

    Like I mentioned before, I’m working on putting together a Bible study for my blog. We are starting in May and it’s not too late to join! If you want to join us we are reading Finding I AM – Bible Study Book: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart (affiliate link). Check out this post if you want to learn more or join us.

    I’m also working on reading more. I am making it a habit to read every night before bed instead of watching Netflix. It’s a little hard at first but I’m excited to finally start reading again.


    What I’m excited about:

    Image via Groupon

    I haven’t mentioned this here yet but Tommy and I are going to Cozumel, Mexico! We booked a trip to celebrate our One Year Anniversary. We aren’t going until June, but it’s going to be so.much.fun.


    What I’m watching/reading:

    Like I mentioned above, I’m jumping back on the reading train and the first book that I’m reading is called No Fear by Tony Perkins. I’m only a chapter in but I have a feeling it’s going to be super encouraging when it comes to sharing my faith.

    I’m taking a break with Netflix but I am in the middle of Gilmore Girls and I am currently watching the new season of Teen Mom OG. (Pls don’t judge me! I lovelovelove Teen Mom.)


    What I’m listening to:

    Just some Christian music whenever I’m doing chores. I’m trying to make it a point to turn on something to listen to more often.

    Also, send all of your Podcast suggestions my way! I’m looking to get into Podcasts but I’m finding it’s really hard for me to find ones that I really like.


    What I’m wearing:

    All comfy clothes. Always. 😉


    What I’m doing this weekend:

    MOVING OUT OF OUR APARTMENT. That should take up just about all of our weekend I would think.


    What I’m looking forward to next month:

    Celebrating ONE YEAR OF MARRIAGE on May 22! We don’t have any plans for the day yet, but will probably go out to dinner or something since we have our big trip that I mentioned coming up on June 5th.


    What else is new:

    I think that covers all the bases honestly.


    What’s new with you?
    What have you been up to?


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    Friday Favorites | Vol. 5

    It’s been a little while since I participated in Friday Favorites and I love writing these so I’m back again today to share about my week(s). I think I may start doing this every Friday I just love them so much.

    Friday Favorites

    o n e

    Shared this on Instagram yesterday too 🙂

    I spent some extra time with God yesterday, coloring this out of my bible and journaling and it was so great. I bought this coloring Bible a few months ago but haven’t really taken the time to really sit down and color and soak up God’s word in that way. I usually just read 1-2 chapters and that’s all. I actually watched an Illustrated Faith video the day before which inspired me. I think eventually I want to step up my game and start doing Illustrated Faith too. Do you do Bible Journaling or Illustrated Faith at all? I’d love to chat about it. 🙂

    t w o

    Follow my Etsy Instagram to keep up with new products being made + keep your eye out for LAUNCH DAY.

    I finished that blanket a few weeks ago for my Etsy shop and my husband and I are looooving it. It’s so soft and cozy. I can’t wait to make more and to sell it once my shop opens! (We’re getting closer!) A lot of my family has asked me to make one as well, which I just love. It brings me so much joy to be able to make things for people and for them to enjoy it. Do you crochet or make anything with your hands? It’s so therapeutic to me!

    t h r e e

    Don’t mind our squinty faces 😉

    Tommy and I just celebrated our first married EASTER. It was a really great day, we went to our old church with my mom. (She still attends there.) It was a gorgeous day out. AND I hosted my first holiday in our little apartment! I literally cooked all day and I loved it. It was perfect timing too because we move out at the end of the month! It was a great way to say goodbye to our tiny apartment.

    f o u r

    In order: my cousin Nichole, my mom, me, Tommy, my grandma, my grandpa, my brother’s girlfriend Rachael, and my brother Dylan

    I shared a little bit about this in my Florida Vacation Recap but last Thursday we celebrated my grandparents 57th wedding anniversary!! We were in Florida visiting them, and Easter happened to be their 57th anniversary so we took them out before we made the drive home the next day. It was really special being there with them, especially since my grandma’s health hasn’t been the greatest in the last few years. If you wouldn’t mind saying a little prayer for her, I would greatly appreciate it!

    f i v e

    We are doing a Bible Study on my blog starting in May and everyone voted and picked THIS book. I ordered it right when it was decided and just received the book this morning. I’ve flipped through it a little bit and I am SO excited to dive in! There’s still time to join in with us too! Check out this post for more information about it.

    What have you been up to this week friends? I’d love to know. Linking up with these lovely ladies below.

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    Why Quitting My Corporate Job Was So Good For My Marriage + Bible Study Info

    “While I was working at my Mortgage Servicing job, I was promoted to the supervisor position while still going to school full-time at night and online. It was a little tiring but I’ve always been an overachiever and loved to keep busy. I never really felt anxious or too stressed, I simply did what I had to do.

    They both were great jobs and I enjoyed working at them and honestly, I was good at them as well! Up until I got married, then something in me shifted and I just couldn’t focus on work anymore. Instead I was so anxious most days I had such a hard time concentrating on working at all, which was weird for me because I was usually very good at handling stress and a lot of pressure.”

    Click here to read the rest of the post!

    Yesterday I was able to guest post on an awesome website and community called Young Wives Club. Above is just an excerpt from my post. I go into much more detail about why I quit my job and the effect it has had on my marriage. Can you relate? Do you feel more of a tug to be at home or do you love working outside the house? I’d love to chat about it!

    Bible Study Girls

    It looks like Finding I AM – Bible Study Book: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart is the winner for our book! I am so excited!

    How It’s Going To Work:
    -Be sure to get your books by May 3rd. The first post about Chapter 1 will go live on May 10th.

    -I am going to be using my Facebook page to send out any updates, so please make sure to like and follow along there so you don’t miss a thing!

    -If you want an email buddy, please contact me in some way, either by commenting here or emailing me. The email buddy will serve as a smaller place to process what you are learning. You can answer the questions together or just share how you are feeling about the study together.

    -If you don’t want an email buddy and just want to join in on the study, that’s okay too! Every Wednesday, starting on May 10th, I am going to be posting about anything that I’ve learned or answering the questions at the end of each chapter. On May 10th, it will be about chapter 1. I’m going to include a linkup as well so that we all can join in together and have community.

    -The study looks more than doable, even if you happen to be super busy. It has four days a week where you participate in the study, with an optional 5th day. So doable and awesome.

    -You can buy the book here: Finding I AM – Bible Study Book: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart on Amazon, (affiliate link) or anywhere close to you that sells books, like a Barnes and Nobles! And it’s affordable, only about $15.

    -If you don’t have a blog but want to join in with us, or do but want to share your experience on social media, use the hashtag #JesusSatisfiesUs. You can find me on Instagram at @ashleyzinhobl.

    -I want this to be as encouraging as possible so there aren’t any rules or judgements on how much or how little you have read. Please feel free to join in even if you think you can only get to one out of the four days.

    Please don’t forget to contact me if you want an email buddy! I am so excited about this and I have a feeling that this study is going to bring me a ton of healing, and hopefully to many of you as well!

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    Why Intimacy Is Important In Marriage

    Hi friends! I am so excited to announce that I am sharing my first guest post today! My friend Natalee form Kissing Often is writing about why intimacy is important in marriage. I love her website, which is all about keeping dating alive while being married. (Something that I am also very passionate about.) She has so many great ideas for creative date nights. Check out some of her ideas here. 🙂 

    Hi everyone! My name is Natalee and I am the founder of Kissing Often. At Kissing Often I share weekly date ideas with free printables for each date. Why? Because continuing to date your spouse even after years of marriage is so so essential to a happy healthy marriage. Today I am going to share with you a little more about exactly why I believe date night is essential and what it can create in your marriage!

    So what does date night create? Well it creates a few things in your marriage. Fun, relaxation, much-needed alone time, intimacy, and many, many more things. What I really want to focus on is intimacy. Now, before you start blushing let me explain something. Intimacy is more than what happens in the bedroom. Intimacy comes in a few different forms and it’s important we recognize all those forms to keep our marriages happy! You’ll see what I’m talking about as you continue reading {insert winky face}

    I am going to be totally honest here and share why I am so passionate about intimacy in all its forms. I grew up as a Christian and in the church. Intimacy, when it was talked about, was referred to as forbidden to anyone other than a married couple. And that is something that I have come to recognize as beautiful, however, at the time I had a serious misunderstanding of what intimacy was. When intimacy is talked about in church service it is usually (at least in my case) referring to sex and only sex. Growing up with this constant initiative put in front of me, gave me the idea that sex was the only form of intimacy that there was and it was strictly reserved for married folk. Let me clear something up real quick. I am 100% still a believer in Christ and am in no way bashing the church and the concept of sex being reserved for marriage. I am however saying that I had a skewed view of what intimacy was based on my own interpretation of things at the time.

    Moving on to my dating life, I still had this skewed vision of what intimacy was and felt SO guilty even thinking about being intimate with a person. Let’s be real here peeps, when you are engaged to be married to a person this is a HUGE thing that you think about! Even still I felt guilty. It wasn’t until my sweet fiancé and I were doing our pre-marital counseling that I got a glimpse of what intimacy really was.

    So, yes. Intimacy is sex, of course. That is physical intimacy. But there is actually more to intimacy that just the physical. Intimacy is also emotional. There are more ways than just sex to be intimate with your sweetheart! Being emotionally intimate is JUST as important as being physically intimate. Let me explain. Your spouse is your best friend, your life partner! You are doing life together now and in order for that to work well, you have to communicate. But not just communicate, you are sharing your innermost feelings with this person! They need to know what you’re feeling and thinking. You have to be honest and open with your sweetie. And you need to be comfortable doing so.

    It takes a lot to do this with a person, believe me. Lots of tears were shed when (by me haha) when I shared things with my sweetie. By sharing you are giving your spouse your trust that they will never use these things against you! You’re giving them your heart. And that can be hard. But it is so important. When you can emotionally confide in your spouse, about anything and everything, magic happens in your relationship. What kind of magic? Now that is hard to describe. It’s just…simple. There really is no words to accurately describe the joy that comes from this. Marriage is never easy, but making sure that you take care to recognize all forms of intimacy makes things less stressful. Because marriage is work and it is hard, this form of intimacy becomes crucial. 

    Learning this made me truly appreciate intimacy in all its forms and the beauty of it being reserved for marriage. Now of course there is physical intimacy which everyone thinks of when you say intimacy. This combined with being emotionally intimate makes beautiful things. I don’t feel like I need to go into too much detail of what physical intimacy is. I think y’all kiiinda get the picture there. What I really wanted to get across was that there is more. You have to remember in your marriage that not only is this person your spouse, but your friend! I don’t know about you but I love talking to my friends and hanging out with them. My ultimate friend though is my hubby. He knows things about me my friends don’t. He’s my favorite person. And that, my friends is a beautiful, set apart, bond that no one else gets to experience. Just you two.

    So don’t neglect constantly growing closer with your friend. Have conversations throughout the day. Text funny jokes, Send silly pictures. Write letters if you are separated by distance. Go on dates! A date is probably the most beautiful, perfect picture of these two types of intimacy working together in one. When you go on a date, you are spending that quality time with your sweetie. Talking, laughing, enjoying each other’s company. And then you know how a lot of dates end…{wink}. You’re getting both forms of intimacy all in one convenient package! (This is why I am so passionate about dates and why I started my site).

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this! I really do appreciate you all. I wish I could hug all of you just for reading my words. Since I can’t, please accept my virtual hug!


    Natalee is the founder of Kissing Often and blogs at http://www.kissingoften.com where she shares weekly date night ideas complete with free printables for each date. At Kissing Often everyone is passionate about keeping the love alive in marriages and relationships. Natalee loves creating inexpensive, easy, at-home dates to share. She hopes it is a place where others can come to find inspiration and keep date night fun and easy.

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